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- safe alternative to commercial products - keeps your landfills cleaner

- environmentally sound decision - affordable


About Women's ChoiceTM


Women's ChoiceTM non-disposable menstrual pad and panty-liner patterns are now available to the public. Each of the 4 designs has been well tested. For over 10 years (1989-2000) these pads were manufactured on Vancouver Island BC, Canada, and were sold to the world market under the Canadian trademarks, Women's Choice and Le Choix des Femmes, as well as the US trade mark, Modern Women's Choice. Women's Choice patterns are available for personal use only.


Because of the excellent response we received at the retail level in stores and mail order, we are confident you'll enjoy using your finished product for years to come.


Their comfort is only surpassed by their economy. They are easy to use and care for as they are 100% machine washable and dryable. 


How do they work? Once you've finished making the pads, two Velcro strips on the outside of each base pad easily fasten the pad to the complimentary strips sewn into underwear so they don't shift or rotate.


This pattern set consists of the following patterns and directions:

Day & Night Pads

1. Day time base pad with pocket for filler pad, complete with waterproof backing and Velcro placements shown for fastening pad securely into underpants. Pattern and directions for filler pad.

2. Night time base pad with pocket for filler pad, complete with waterproof backing and Velcro placements shown. Pattern and directions for filler pad.

3. Light-flow pad complete with waterproof backing. (Light-flow pad has 3 layers of fleece fabric.)

4. Panty-liner complete with waterproof backing. (Panty-liner has 2 layers of fleece fabric.)



Suggested Materials: 100% cotton fleece fabric (i.e. jogging wear fabric) and light weight 100% waterproof nylon (for pad backing). Women's ChoiceTM pads were perfected to use these fabrics but others may be substituted. Each pad will also need two 2? inch strips of Velcro.


Suggested Equipment: Although our pads were sewn with commercial dressmaking machines and industrial sergers, household machines are quite suitable. If you are without a serger, the top and bottom edges of the pads could be stitched with a zigzag stitch. If you are without a sewing machine you could make these pads by hand. (Although you would likely need a thimble to sew on the Velcro.)


Our Women's Choice pad design may look simplistic in these photos, but our directions provide you with every detail and every sewing tip so that you can reproduce our perfected Women's Choice pad - a pad that keeps its shape, its comfort and avoids gaping, shifting and rotation. Order today!


"Wings" Pad

Also included in the WC pad pattern set is our "wings" pad. "Wings" are also fastened into place with velcro and are placed between the underwear and base pad to offer even more protection if necessary. (Most women find just the base pads suffice).