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- safe alternative to commercial products - keeps your landfills cleaner

- environmentally sound decision - affordable




Concerning the environment:


Reach for Unbleached. A national foundation and Canadian registered charity working for a sustainable pulp & paper industry by encouraging pulp & paper mills clean up and by promoting clean paper. http://www.rfu.org


WE (Women & Environments) Magazine. A unique Canadian journal that examines women's multiple relations to their environment from feminist perspectives. Since 1976 it has provided a forum for academic research & theory, professional practice and community experience. http://www.weimag.com


Women's Environmental Network. Campaigns on environment and health issues from a female perspective. http://www.wen.org.uk/


Women's Network on Health and the Environment. WNH&E is a Toronto (Canada)-based women's environmental organization that focuses on the links between women's health issues and environmental contaminants. http://www.web.net/~wnhe/


Pregnant and/or nursing mothers or parenting or family oriented:


La Leche League Mother-to-mother support, encouragement and education for the promotion of breast-feeding. http://www.lalecheleague.org/


Mothering Magazine. "The Natural Family Living Magazine". http://www.mothering.com/


Natural Life Magazine: the exchange of information and inspiration about organic gardening, healthy eating, wellness, holistic parenting, home-schooling, home business, energy efficient housing, intentional communities, voluntary simplicity, socially responsible business, grassroots politics, the environment, eco travel and alternative energy sources. http://www.life.ca


Products and Product lines and information related to menstruation or incontinence:


Medicair: Washable "In Confidence" products. http://www.medicair.co.uk


The All Together Diaper Co. Line of reusable, washable adult and youth cloth diapers and incontinence products. http://www.atdincdirect.com


National Association for Continence. http://www.nafc.org/

Healthline - Connect to Better Health: http://www.healthline.com/channel/overactive-bladder.html




Sewing Pattern Review. http://sewing.patternreview.com This site will be reviewing both the Women's Choice pad patterns offered our web site and our other Poncho Villa Ltd. web page on Make Hats Your Business ? Guide and Pattern Set and patterns the Sheepskin hat and the Sou'Wester.


Women's Health and menstrual information related:


Endometriosis Association. Provides information and support to women and girls with endometriosis. http://www.endometriosisassn.org/


Menopause online http://www.menopause-online.com/


Museum of Menstruation (MUM). A unique website showing the history of menstruation and women's health. Devoted to menstruation and selected topics of women's health! http://www.mum.org/


The S.P.O.T. A web site all about tampons and women's health. http://www.spotsite.org/


My Monthly Cycles. http://www.mymonthlycycles.com/


Susun Weed (herbalist and writer of several books on women's health.) Alternative health resources for women. http://www.susunweed.com/  


Information on reproductive health issues and more:  http://www.datehookup.com/content-womens-reproductive-health.htm